Delta Air Lines is still the on-time champ, but the race tightens

Right on time, Delta Air Lines has delivered a big holiday gift to its millions of customers. 

The on-time arrival champion par excellence finished November with another superlative on-time performance. 

Per airline data behemoth OAG’s November on-time arrival numbers were released Dec. 7, Delta finished the month with an impressive 90.6 percent of flights arriving on time.

That put the carrier comfortably ahead of the three other major domestic competitors — which are all doing better at…



Heritage Texas Properties adds boutique real estate firm

Tammy Bateman Properties, a boutique residential real estate firm, is joining Houston-based Heritage Texas Properties, according to a press release. 

The boutique firm will move into Heritage’s office at 12505 Memorial Drive in the Memorial Green mixed-use development. The office is expected to open in January, per the release.

Heritage is marketing the homes in Houston-based Midway Cos.’ Memorial Green and was among the first commercial tenants to sign a lease there. The office will target…


Why hiring veterans is a good business decision for Houston employers

By 2007, there was consensus that military veterans returning from deployments in Iraq needed help transitioning to civilian life and jobs. Houston established a Returning Veterans Initiative to help in that effort, and by every measure, it’s been a success: The city’s abundant jobs, housing, health and recreational opportunities have helped Houston become the hometown for 300,000 vets, giving it the country’s second-largest population.

However, it’s easy to become complacent and to take the success…


Canada Revenue Agency Waves White Flag In Fight With Diabetics

National Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier rises during question period in the House of Commons on Nov. 22, 2017.

OTTAWA — The Canada Revenue Agency is taking steps to quell a furor over what critics were calling its heartless treatment of diabetics.

Disability advocates and opposition parties have been excoriating the agency for weeks over the fact that many Canadians with Type 1 diabetes have suddenly found themselves ineligible to claim the disability tax credit, even though they’ve previously qualified for it.

The CRA insists there’s been no change in the eligibility criteria, which requires an individual to spend at least 14 hours a week engaged in activities related to the administration of insulin.

But diabetes support groups point to an internal CRA clarification letter last May, which said only in “exceptional circumstances” would adult diabetics need 14 hours a week to manage their insulin therapy; most would not — which would mean they’re not eligible for the tax credit.

The CRA now says it will revert to the clarification letter that existed prior to May.

It will also review all applications for the disability tax credit that have been denied based on the May letter.

Minister reinstates 14-member committee

Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier has also reinstated a 14-member disability advisory committee to help the CRA and the minister improve the way they administer tax measures aimed at helping disabled Canadians.

On Friday, she released the names of the committee members.

Their ranks include representatives of Diabetes Canada and the Council of Canadians with Disabilities. The committee is to be chaired by CRA assistant commissioner Frank Vermaeten and Karen Cohen, chief executive of the Canadian Psychological Association.


An Introvert’s Guide To Surviving Office Holiday Parties

December hits and it’s officially “holiday season.” This also means the onslaught of party invites and the dreaded office party, which many introverts dread. While many businesses are opting out of elaborate holiday party celebrations as they feel the year-end budget squeeze, most offices will try to do something to mark the end of a year together as a way to thank employees.

You have two options: quit your job, move far away, and try living off the land so you never have to do this again; try to make the most of an opportunity that has been handed to you. The solitude of option one may seem inviting if you’re an introvert, but it’s not very practical for most people.

If you have chosen to tough it out through your office holiday party, here are some tips to help ensure that you will have fun, despite your introverted tendencies.

Join in

Volunteer to join the decorating or planning committee. This will help you feel you are part of the event and give you something to talk about with your colleagues as the party is starting. Ask them what they think of the theme or the choice of venue. Once you start talking about something you have in common, you will be more relaxed.

Plan ahead

If the event is to be held in an unfamiliar venue, visit in advance. You will feel more at ease if you familiarize yourself with your surroundings in advance — that includes your travel route to get there.

Start conversations with easy topics

Ask people about their holiday plans and other easy conversation topics. Be ready to share your plans. Consider saying, “This season, I’m planning something really different” and explain what you’ll be up to. You will get their attention with your fresh approach to the holidays and you can have fun sharing your plans. For example, “I’m going to enroll in a hot yoga class. It’s something I have never done because it sort of scares me.” This may open the conversation as others talk about their yoga experience.

Avoid leaning on “liquid courage”

You might think that drinking large amounts of alcohol will build up your courage, however it might have you leaving a terrible lasting impression. If you don’t eat at the event, even a little alcohol will affect you and the fun will be lost. Keep your consumption to one drink per hour and sip slowly.

Meet someone new

Resist the temptation to hang out only with people you work with. By using some of the conversation strategies above, you will be surprised how easily conversation will flow with other introverts and extroverts as well.

Put yourself in the middle of the action

Being the middle of the room doesn’t mean you have to be the life of the party, but it will make you feel less self-conscious than hugging the wall. There is more safety there because that’s where most of the conversation takes place.

Connect with senior management

As the event goes on and you start feeling more comfortable, initiate conversations with senior management. They will probably welcome the attention as other employees shy away from them for fear of appearing ill-informed. Ask them how they got into the industry and about their first job. Don’t feel you need to “talk shop” but focus on their holiday plans and if they mention children or grandchildren, ask them about their plans with them.

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Build on your conversations

You will come up with new topics of conversation as you speak with different people. For example, you can always start a new conversation with, “I was just talking with Terry and he has seen the newest Marvel film. I’m going to check it out. Have you seen it?’

People are generally more interested in how they come across at an event than assessing your performance. Once you get past the idea that people are not going to judge you, you will feel more comfortable in your skin. You’ll have more fun if you can be yourself and draw on the above tips as the event goes on.

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